Fundraising $$$!

Selling slightly used items online is a wonderful way schools and other groups looking to provide an alternative to candy sales, car washes and other typically tired fund raising efforts. Instead of asking your community for cash donations, ask them to donate their unwanted stuff! From last season’s Gucci purse to a vintage Nikon camera to those old speakers from the 80’s- all can be auctioned on eBay with the proceeds returning to your organization.

So how does this work?

Option 1) Schedule an event at your school, church or organization where people are able to drop items off throughout the day. edrop will be on hand to evaluate whether the item can be sold online. Approved items are taken back to edrop to be inventoried, photographed and listed. Sold items are packaged and shipped to the winning bidder at no cost to your organization. You receive a check for the net proceeds of the event.

Option 2) Register your school with edrop. Then…¬†when a customer mentions your fund raiser all their proceeds will go to your registered organization. It’s simple and a no hassle way to get money for you!